For first generation Colombian American graffiti artist, Jessica Sabogal, art serves as a haven, a tribute, a creative outlet of adoration and exaltation for women with stories often untold. Her pieces possess a vision of female identity that is revolutionary and powerful, brave and beautiful. By utilizing a spray can, she aims to color her canvas by unraveling stories she once heard, lived, struggled, and loved.

In the past she’s been inspired by literary works written by poets, authors, and women of color, and have utilized their experiences and their existence as the sole muse for her creations. But most recently, she has created a line of work that honores the woman and female body as perfect. Her newest campain entitled, “Women Are Perfect (If You Let Them)” attempts to spread this simple but necessary notion worldwide.

Throughout the years, Sabogal has consistently reinvented what it means to be a female graffiti artist in a male-dominated medium. She has continuously pushed the boundaries as an artist by utilizing her medium for social change, action, and empowerment. Since 2011, Sabogal has made front page on with her time-lapse tribute to Egyptian revolution, designed the 20th Anniversary Cover for Plume Book’s Bastard Out of Carolina, and is the first female artist commissioned to paint murals at Facebook Headquarters.

Sabogal is an artist that continues to grow with resilience, prosper with purpose, and paint without fear. She seeks to connect the world around us with art that reminds all that women are to be valued, glorified, respected, and above all, loved.

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